2012 SuperModel Contest
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Ivy Owens
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 470 hits
as of 02/09 04:57:00 PM

I want to be in The Supermodel competition show to bring my dreams to reality & to offer a unique look, style & personality.

8/12/2018 1:53:56 PM FROM: Ledarrius T - Always move forward in your pursuit of happiness
Ivy O

Melissa Rodriguez
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 225 hits
as of 02/12 06:47:00 AM

This is my dream! I can't continue to put my dreams on hold.

8/6/2018 7:55:16 AM FROM: Chey - Hermosa.
Melissa R

Age: 15

Popularity: 128 hits
as of 02/12 09:37:16 AM

Sophia L

Bretney Smith
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 123 hits
as of 09:29:56 PM Yesterday

My Dream

Bretney S

India Robertson
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 119 hits
as of 02/12 08:15:50 AM

I have a passion for inspiring, plus I feel like I have the looks and the body with a positive, humble, uplifting type of energy.

India R

Tkeyah Matthews
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 115 hits
as of 02:09:57 AM Today

modeling is my dream!

Tkeyah M

Brenda Brown
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 112 hits
as of 02:15:26 AM Today

I always wanted to become a model

Brenda B

Sabrina De La Cruz
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 111 hits
as of 03:10:49 AM Yesterday

When I was little, I always wanted to be a model, so I saw this and I had to give it a try.

Sabrina C

Cutisha Mckenzie
Age: 16

Popularity: 107 hits
as of 04:35:54 AM Yesterday

because people incourage me to be a model because of my height and im very into becoming a memeber of the model family

Cutisha M

Nilufar Matin
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 107 hits
as of 02/12 06:46:58 AM

I love evrything about vogue

Nilufar M

Bethany James
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 106 hits
as of 04:50:33 AM Today

I live to be a model with a classy agency like Vogue Modeling. This is my dream.

Bethany J

Asia  Harris
Age: 10

Popularity: 105 hits
as of 02/10 05:22:53 PM

you hace a reputation for excellence and we would be honored to be a part of it,

Asia H

Elsa Coichy
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 105 hits
as of 03:04:32 AM Today

I want to show my talent.

Elsa C

Nahja Marinnie
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 104 hits
as of 10:19:08 AM Yesterday

I have a passion to be the a great aspiring model since being a little girl

Nahja M

Shameika King
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 104 hits
as of 09:37:15 PM Yesterday

I enjoy presenting my versatility on the runway! I’m full of surprises and sometimes society thinks I’m just a tattoo model with no other talents.

Shameika K

Mimi Vaughn
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 103 hits
as of 02/11 10:22:26 PM

COVER MODEL BIO: I am so grateful for the opportunities I had in life. I had a dream and I pursued it with full force. Growing up, I was teased and taunted by a lot of people. Some were strangers, friends, and even family members but for some reason, even at that young age, amongst...

6/17/2018 7:53:57 PM FROM: rin - Good luck!
Mimi V

Itohan Osayi
Age: 16

Popularity: 103 hits
as of 09:05:21 AM Today

I want to be in the show because modeling as always been a passion for me and modeling on your show would be a great opportunity for myself and career

6/17/2018 8:42:16 AM FROM: Katherine - Welcome to SuperModel
Itohan O

Macey Quave
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 103 hits
as of 08:36:25 AM Yesterday

Modeling is my dream; I hope that I can make my family proud and give them what they deserve.

Macey Q

Brianna Day
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 102 hits
as of 02/13 09:23:41 AM

To show the world what I'm capable of.

Brianna D

Keara Butler
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 100 hits
as of 02/13 11:48:11 AM

I received my first runway opportunity from Mrs. Kathrine Neal when she Visited John Casablancas in Raleigh. Now i want to show my improvement

Keara B

Sade Leza
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 100 hits
as of 03:10:51 AM Yesterday

My mom suggested that I try it out because I take a lot of pictures.

Sade L

Lillian Negrey
Age: 14

Popularity: 100 hits
as of 02/12 10:26:22 PM


Lillian N

Dafni Vrionis
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 98 hits
as of 02/12 06:34:31 PM

Adult interaction, make new friends, put myself out of my comfort zone

Dafni V

Alexia  Reed
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 98 hits
as of 02/12 03:35:02 AM

I have been told many times that I should go into modeling. I am very interested because it would look good on college applications and job applications as well, also to have the experience would be great.

Alexia R

Ariel Thomas
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 97 hits
as of 02/11 08:31:04 AM

Becoming a fashion designer & a model has been one of my dreams for a very long time. & because I have a strong passion for modeling.

Ariel T

Age: 18

Popularity: 96 hits
as of 02/13 04:27:56 PM

Anita T

Anthony Masushige
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 96 hits
as of 02/09 01:58:03 PM

I want to help people create art.

Anthony M

Brianna Olweiler
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 95 hits
as of 02/11 10:02:20 AM

To feel confident, to accomplish my dream

6/19/2018 8:36:21 AM FROM: Katherine - Welcome to SuperModel.
Brianna O

Kiona Johnson
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 95 hits
as of 02/13 07:52:39 AM

I have always wanted to model for a huge agency and Vogue is one of the best. I been doing a lot of romotions , extra work in a tv show called Good Behavior and I will be modeling in Cynthia Bailey Expo. I'm also in a modeling agency called John Casablancas.

6/17/2018 7:21:27 PM FROM: rin - looking good.
Kiona J

Lakeitha Hood
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 93 hits
as of 06:01:52 PM Yesterday

Runway modeling is who I am! It is what i am most passionate about. Modeling is my life, a way of expressing myself and designers work!

6/17/2018 7:40:27 PM FROM: rin - you should be the next supermodel.
LaKeitha H

Oby Nwankwo
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 89 hits
as of 06:32:51 AM Today

This is definitely a stepping stone to getting into the career full time

Oby N

Jody  Gao
Age: 15

Popularity: 87 hits
as of 02/11 03:49:18 AM

I just want to be myself;) I feel that showing yourself off at a stage not only makes me feel proud but also expresses myself about how I feel about myself. I just want to be me and find that feeling

Jody G

Zhane Newton
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 87 hits
as of 02/13 03:02:01 PM

I want to the gain experience

Zhane N

Kendra Jones
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 86 hits
as of 02/12 01:16:41 AM

I enjoy being in the spotlight and showcasing what I can offer

Kendra J

Myesha Washington
Age: 16

Popularity: 84 hits
as of 02/12 06:47:02 AM

i love modeling this is something i want to do for the rest of my life

myesha w

Umut Kilickaya
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 84 hits
as of 12:57:35 PM Yesterday

Umut K

Age: 4

Popularity: 80 hits
as of 02/13 06:53:38 PM

To experience being a model in a professional fashion show.

Nya C

Lyndsey  Fennell
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 79 hits
as of 02/12 08:15:53 AM

I honestly feel like this would be a very big stepping stone in the direction of me reaching my overall goal..

Lyndsey F

Beautiful Green
Age: 12

Popularity: 79 hits
as of 08:44:08 AM Yesterday

I'm ready for the next level to pursue my career in this field

Beautiful G

Famous Green
Age: 8

Popularity: 79 hits
as of 02/13 07:05:31 AM

To gain more experience and to be great!

Famous G

Gia Scott
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 77 hits
as of 02/13 02:03:46 PM

I want to be in the show because I have a unique look too offer something different and this is something that I always been a dream and I'm ready to make it reality.

Gia S

Anthony Green
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 76 hits
as of 02/12 09:37:16 PM

I want to show my confidence that I built up over the years

Anthony G

Jasmine Hamilton
Age: 16

Popularity: 74 hits
as of 05:46:17 AM Today

I love fashion I have a passion for new clothes and makeup

Jasmine H

Age: 4

Popularity: 73 hits
as of 02/13 04:10:00 PM

To experience being a model in a professional fashion show.

Kya C

Alexis Vaughan
Age: 13

Popularity: 73 hits
as of 02/13 02:03:48 PM

I love modeling and take advantage of every opportunity to improve my skills.

Alexis V

Age: unknown

Popularity: 70 hits
as of 11:42:24 AM Yesterday

I have been intrested in modeling since the age of 13. I know that I have what it take to be the next big thing and excell to new hights. I think it would help my resume grow and also allow me to meet wonderful people in the fashion and entertainment bussiness. Thanks for your consideration.

Rex F

Age: 1

Popularity: 70 hits
as of 11:02:24 AM Yesterday

Zamonie C

Charles  Patric
Age: Over 18

Popularity: 69 hits
as of 04:52:59 AM Yesterday

I want to be in the show because I am eared to working with other professionals and becoming the best model I can be. I really want to inspire through m gifts and talents and draw others closer to themselves and becoming their truest authentic self regardless of anybody or anything.

Charles P

Jordyn  Creecy
Age: 10

Popularity: 62 hits
as of 04:53:02 AM Yesterday

To see where this can take my careerm

Jordyn C

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