2012 SuperModel Contest
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The SuperModel Cruise is an event like no other! With Models, Celebrities, Entertainment, Games, Exotic International Food, Comedy Club, Professional Photoshoots, A Modeling Competition, and the all around fun, party and relaxation of this specialty cruise adventure.






Cruise costs





Port Taxes and Fees charged by the Bahama Island

$ 88/pp

$ 88/pp

$ 88/pp

$ 88/pp

Contestant Fees








Cruise Features

  • Initial deposit: $50


  • 4day/3night Bahama Cruise

  • Overnight stay on the Island of Nassau Bahamas

  • 5 star spa on board*

  • Carnival pools and fun area

  • Basketball, golf, ping pong, exercise track and other sports aboard the ship

  • Carnival Excursions*

  • Room Service 24 hours a day*

  • A buffet of Exotic International foods 24 hours a day

  • Thirst quenching beverages*

  • Fun and games on board casino and more...

  • Party and attend a networking event with SuperModel staff, celebrities and all attendees of the show

SuperModel Show Features

  • Opportunity to feature your designs or be a model on the Cover of the National Fashion Magazine, I-Fashion, New York (models & designers)

  • Professional Wardrobe stylist

  • Opportunity to win a 2 foot, 3 foot, or 5 foot trophy

  • Opportunity to feature your designs or be a model on the Cover of the National Fashion Magazine, Model World, New York (models & designers)


  • Opportunity to be selected for designer showcase (based on Designer choice)

  • Professional Hair/makeup for the show

  • Many other prizes and awards

  • Winner will be featured in several Fashion Weeks Nation wide

  • Celebrity judges

  • Refreshments at the show

  • Ticket into the 2019 SuperModel Competition Fashion Event on the ship

  • The opportunity to feature your designs on the runway on the models of your choice

  • Opportunity to scout, evaluate and sign new talent

  • FREE cruise when you book 8 cabins

Ship & Island PhotoShoot with other features
A wonderful experience around the ship, on set on the island

  • Modelbank assistance, creating a Model fund me page to help cover costs

  • Possible opportunities with Designers for work

  • Possible Designer showcases in New York

  • An opportunity to grow your model and increase their footprint in the modeling arena as well as the chance to enhance their portfolio and tear sheets.

  • Opportunity to watch a full fledged photoshoot with the models on the ship

  • Opportunity to venture out and behold a tropical photoshoot on the Island of Nassau Bahamas with the models

  • A professional wardrobe stylist on board and on the Island to assist with the models

  • A chance to sell your designs on the ship

  • * Super Saver Deposit discount of $50 ends on Friday, October 19, 2018! Deposits will return to $100 down to reserve your cabin after this date! A $25 deposit can be made, but this will not reserve your cabin, only your interest in reserving your cabin. When the full $100 deposit is made, your cabin will be reserved at that time.
  • ** Drinks like coffee, tea, juices, hot chocolate are free all day long. Alcohol, beer, other spirits as well as sodas are at a cost.
  • *** Room Service is available 24 hours a day, and it's free up until a certain time. After that time you must pay a small fee for room service.
  • **** Carnival Excursions - these are available at the Carnival Excursion desk. This is at a cost. You must visit the desk to book your excursions.
  • ***** 5 Star Spa - lovely spa with all the amenities needed for manicures, pedicures, massages, etc. This is at a cost.

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